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  • Garden Maintenance Services Norwich
  • Find Local Gardeners In Norwich for all Garden Services
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  • Garden Maintenance Services Norwich

    Are you struggling with garden maintenance? Tired of lawn mowing but can’t find professional gardeners in your area? At Compare the Gardeners, you can advertise your needs to find professional gardening services in your area.

    The service is simple, you make an account, make a post about what gardening jobs you need doing, and then you wait to see what gardeners take the job. If you need a regular gardening service, from lawn care to hard landscaping, you can find it with our site.

    Find quotes for gardening services quickly with Compare the Gardeners.


  • Find Local Gardeners In Norwich for all Garden Services

    On our site, once registered, you post your job with your location so a professional gardener can offer you a free quote about the job. You will receive multiple free quotes for the work, so you can choose which one works best for you. Any garden service you may require, from hedge cutting to garden design, find a highly skilled local gardener for your specific needs with our service.

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  • Find Gardeners with Extensive Plant Knowledge

    It can be hard to find a reliable gardening service. Established companies seem to charge too much, and small local gardeners seem impossible to find. Here at Compare the Gardeners, that problem is gone! We can help you find local gardening services; simply advertise the job you’re offering and get quotes from local gardeners!

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  • What Areas Do We Cover Across The UK?

    The way our service works means you can be anywhere! Just post a job, and if a gardener is close and can do it, they will send you a quote; it’s that simple. So, if you are anywhere in the UK, and need to hire a gardener in Coventry, DerbyBournemouth, Milton Keynes, Leicester, Northampton, Brighton, Bristol, Nuneaton, or Rugby and Birmingham. Get an account set up now and start receiving quotes to find your local gardener across the areas we serve.

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How it works


A comparison site created specifically to bring gardeners and customers together. Its a one stop shop for all your gardening needs.

What are the Typical Services of a Gardener?

Garden services typically have anything to do with the maintenance of your garden. From hedge cutting to a new patio, you can find gardeners with experience in most garden jobs. It isn't always just about cutting grass, gardeners have a wealth of knowledge and can help you to have the dream garden you desire.

How can I find a local gardener?

With our website! Don't waste time googling around for local gardeners. Just upload the job you need to do to our site and receive multiple free quotes from local experienced gardeners.

How Much Do The Gardeners Cost?

Your original post should have details about the services you are looking for and pictures of the space that needs work. A gardener will give you a quote based on the info you have provided. Customers choose the quote that suits them. Depending on the job and service that you require, will determine the price. However, if you want a range of quotes for your garden maintenance, then upload a post today!

Does it Cost to Post a job?

It is completely free to post a job. Hence, if you find a gardener or not, you have only invested the small amount of time it takes to post a job!

How does the Gardener get paid?

The money is not paid through us; once you find a client or gardener then the payment process is over to you. Together you can both agree upon the best method of payment, cash, bank transfer, or a third party method like PayPal, and we simply put you in touch with an amazing local gardener.

Check out the rest of our FAQs here.

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