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  • Gardening Services Nuneaton

    Having trouble sourcing local, reliable gardeners in Nuneaton equipped with the skills to meet your gardening needs? New house that’s in desperate need of some TLC, and are looking for an experienced gardener to add a personal touch? Here at Compare the Gardeners, we value efficiency, reliability and quality by providing an array of high standard, local gardeners to ensure you choose the right one to fulfil your gardening needs. From jet washing, fencing and tree services, to general gardening work and property maintenance, Compare the Gardeners are here to help you every step of the way.

    A simple process in which you create a profile as a customer and upload your photos, allowing local gardeners to take a look and offer a quote if they’re fit for the job. You can then choose whichever quote you feel is right for you.

    Find quotes for gardening services quickly and hire a gardener with Compare the Gardeners.

  • Finding Local Gardeners Nuneaton With Compare The Gardeners

    Once you’ve created an account, you then have access to all the professional gardeners in your local area with the required set of skills. No matter what you’re looking for, there’s always an option for you. From general landscaping services to professional projects, our website ensures a hassle-free experience providing all of our customers with established gardeners in their local area.

    What areas do we cover?

    The convenient thing about our service is that you can sign up from anywhere. Are you looking for a local gardener in Nuneaton, a gardener in Birmingham a gardener in Derby, a gardener in Leicester, Brighton, Northampton, Bristol, Bournemouth, Norwich, Milton KeynesCoventry or Rugby just post your job and if a gardener is in any of your chosen locations and can offer the services you require, they will send you a quote. So, no matter where you are in the UK, save yourself the pointless searches and sign up today!

  • Reliable Landscaping Services

    It can be hard to find a reliable gardening service, especially when you can envision exactly what you need to do. Whether it’s high standard landscaping projects or general garden services, the right quality materials and experience is essential, so we understand you need the perfect gardener for you. With our services, you can communicate exactly what kind of services you require, even adding a budget for further efficiency. Asking for a further opinion to discuss ideas with gardeners before they offer a quote is always handy, so take your time, the right gardening services can be a big investment. It is a great way to find efficient, fully insured landscapers that are assured to provide a friendly and high-quality service.

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How it works


A comparison site created specifically to bring gardeners and customers together. Its a one stop shop for all your gardening needs.

What Range Of Services Do Gardeners Offer?

You may post a job and be worried whether your needs will be met by someone suited to you. There are a wide variety of aspects that fall under gardening and landscaping, so there's no need to panic. From patios, decking and paving to painting, tree work and garden walls, you'll be sure to find an experienced landscaper fit for the job.

How Much Do The Gardeners Cost?

Your original post should have details about the services you are looking for and photos of the space that needs work. A gardener will give you a quote based on the info you have provided so make sure your photos and descriptions are accurate to avoid confusion.

There is no price structure for this service, we simply connect you with gardeners who have their own prices. If a gardener contacts you with a quote that is too much, you are not obliged to accept them as the person for the job. You can wait for another gardener or choose another method altogether.

Does It Cost To Post a Job For Garden Services?

It is completely free to post a job. Hence, if you find a gardener or not, you have only invested the small amount of time it takes to upload your job!

How Does The Gardener Get Paid?

The money is not paid through us, once you find a client or landscaper then the payment process is over to you. Together, you can both agree upon the best method of payment, cash, bank transfer, or a third party method like PayPal. We are simply the first point of contact to put you in touch with an amazing local gardener.

How Often Do You Need a Gardener?

It is completely dependent on the size of the garden you need to work on. For bigger gardens, a gardener may have to come once a week or fortnightly during the growing season, although this is usually for a larger piece of land. Generally, fortnightly or even once a month would be ideal for garden maintenance.

What Is Included In Garden Maintenance?

Typically, regular garden maintenance includes lawn mowing, weeding, hedge cutting, general tidying, and applying pesticides and fertilisers. There are a lot more services that fall under garden maintenance, but these are just a few to give you a rough idea.

How Much Does It Cost To Tidy Up a Garden?

General garden maintenance can cost anywhere from around £30-£80 per hour, depending on the gardener as well as what specific jobs you need to do. The more complex jobs such as hedge cutting and pruning are more costly due to the intricacy of the task, however, generally, it's dependent on individual gardeners.

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