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Take your pick from the best local πŸ“ gardeners near you. Whether it be hedge cutting, waste removal, or general lawn care for a one-off job we can find gardeners for you. Simply post your job and let the gardeners come to you!

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  • Transform Your Garden With a Recommended Gardener Near You

    Even if you need garden design services and a landscape gardener, you can find them with Compare the Gardeners. Take some photos of your current garden and explain a rough idea of what you are looking for so an experienced gardener can then offer free quotes for the job

    Many gardeners are always on the lookout for landscaping opportunities and would be more than happy to offer garden design services.

  • Need Regular Garden Maintenance?

    Suppose you are looking for regular garden maintenance, such as hedge trimming and lawn mowing, and you need a consistently good gardener, then our app can help you find one. Simply take pictures of your garden and explain the garden services you require.

    Once some gardeners offer you a quote, you can choose the one that suits your needs. From there, if you are happy with the work they carry out, you can ask them about regular garden maintenance services. If you are not happy with their work or would like to try a different local gardener, then post another job.

    Our app is a great way to find a local gardener, one that may not have a big website or online presence. You can find hardworking local tradespeople that offer incredible lawn mowing and hedge trimming services in your area.

  • Gardener Cost & Payment Methods

    The gardener cost is dependent on the quote that they offer. The gardening services you require, the size of the outdoor space, and many more factors will play into the quote.

    However, you will receive multiple quotes, so you will be able to decide on the price that works best for you before hiring a gardener.

    When it comes to the actual payment, we do not handle that process. Most gardeners will have their own preferred method and will ask you to pay that way.

  • What Areas Do We Cover Across The UK?

    The way our service works means you can be anywhere! Just post a job, and if a gardener is close and can do it, they will send you a quote; it’s that simple. So if you’re looking forΒ Gardeners in Coventry, Gardeners in Rugby, Gardeners in Nuneaton, Gardeners in Derby, Gardeners in Northampton, Gardeners in Norwich, Gardeners in Milton Keynes, Gardeners in Leicester, Gardeners in Brighton, Gardeners in Birmingham, Gardeners in Bournemouth, Gardeners in Bristol, Gardeners in Liverpool, Gardeners in Cambridge, Gardeners in Edinburgh, Gardeners in Sheffield, Gardeners in Manchester, Gardeners In Swindon, Gardeners In Daventry, Gardeners In Ipswich, Gardeners In Kent, Gardeners In Wolverhampton, Gardeners in Cirencester.

    Get an account set up now and start receiving quotes to find your local gardener across the areas we serve.


A comparison site created specifically to bring gardeners and customers together. Its a one stop shop for all your gardening needs.

Does It Cost To Post A Job On Compare The Gardeners?

There are absolutely no costs involved with posting a job. Therefore, whether or not you find a gardener, you have invested only a few minutes posting the job.

What Are The Typical Services That A Gardener Offers?

Gardners are typically responsible for all maintenance tasks related to your garden. As well as maintaining and remodelling the garden, they can also provide design and installation services. We provide a convenient way for users to post gardening jobs. An experienced gardener will then contact you with a quote if they can do that job.

What Should I Look For When Hiring A Gardener?

You want to look for a gardener that offers good value for money and has the experience, and knowledge. With our service, you can find gardeners that are perfect for your requirements as they come to you. Receive multiple quotes from local gardeners by posting a job now!

How Do I Find A Local Gardener?

With our service, you can find local gardeners easily. Take a photo of your garden, explain the service required, and wait for local gardeners to contact you. It is that simple. A local gardener will see the advert and contact you with a quote. You have 30 days to accept the offer or look for another local gardener.

How Often Should A Gardener Come?

It depends on your garden, the plants you have, and its size. However, regular maintenance of grass and weeds can keep your garden looking nice and fresh. The time of year also impacts the maintenance requirements. During the height of summer, we recommend that you get your lawn trimmed every two weeks. Getting your garden regularly looked after is always best for its growth and development.

How Much Does A Gardener Charge Per Hour UK?

This depends on the service you require, however, studies show this can vary with an average cost of Β£25.00 per hour. With Compare The Gardeners, you can receive multiple quotes for the job. This allows you to choose the best price that matches your needs. This makes it a cost-effective way to receive quotes and offers on gardening services.

Simple quoting system

Gardeners get notified πŸ“© after your job is posted and can choose to submit a quote price. Pick the gardener that ticks all your boxes βœ… and we put you in touch.

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