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What if the gardener is asking for more money?

If the gardener is asking for more money, remind them of the price quoted from pictures provided.

What if I’m unhappy with the gardeners work?

Try to resolve the issue with the gardener as it will be beneficial to both parties to have a amicable outcome.

What if a gardener doesn’t turn up?

If a gardener doesnt turn up and you are unable to contact them we will intervene to resolve the problem.

What if a customer is asking for extra work to be done within the quoted price?

Customer must be reminded that you have only quoted on pictures provided and any extra work would be at extra cost.

How does the gardener get paid?

Once a quote is accepted and contact details are exchanged, it is then down to both parties to make their own arrangements of how payment is to be made.

What if the customer refuses to pay?

Once a job is taken on any disputes between the gardener and customer must be resolved between both parties.